We are a members club and do allow the public to attend matches. We have three scheduled matches per month and two or three special events per year. We have a Rimfire score match on the first Saturday, a pistol/action shoot on the second Saturday, and a Centerfire BR score match on the third Saturday. Usually the fourth and fifth Saturdays are open, however we do use them for work days and the occasional special event.

Dues are $180.00 per year and a one time $200.00 initiation fee. Members are allowed to bring up to two guest and we do allow groups (Boy Scouts etc.) with prior scheduling. We prorate the dues based on the month of June. Hours are 12:00 noon till sunset or 8:00 on Sundays, all other days are 8:00 AM to sunset or 8:00 PM. We want prospective members to be sponsored and visit the range at least three times before joining. You can shoot in a match, come as a quest and shoot, or simply visit the range and get to know us and we you. We want to be sure that new members understand range etiquette and are safe.

We do all we can to maintain a family atmosphere. If you decide to join I think you will enjoy your membership.