Rim Fire B/R Match Scores (07-Nov-2020)

Enclosed our November match scores. Good tight match, outstanding weather
and wonderful group of people. Competition, friendship and assistance was
outstanding. We appreciate everyone for their support of Riverside Gun Club
and out activities.

Thank you,
Bob Beaver

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Workday (31-OCT-2020)

Hey Shooters–

Message from Bob:

We are having a work day this Saturday.

Plan to start at 9:00 till mid afternoon. Folks are welcome to come for couple hours or stay the day.

Areas of concern : Indoor 100 yard Read the rest

RGC Rim Fire B/R Match Scores (3-Oct-2020)

Enclosed out October .22 rim fire match scores. Great day, with beautiful
match weather. Congrats to Greg Culpepper finishing with 500-47x in match.
Dale Hoover with 499-25x in vintage and Terry Ingold earning 499-8x in
factory class.

We appreciate everyone’s … Read the rest

RGC Rimfire Bench Rest Match (06-JUN-20)

We had a fine bench rest match Saturday. Maintained safety by shooting on
odd benches only. Good group of shooters competed in all three classes. Big
help from Doug and Wayne with targets, line work and drinks. Appreciate
everyone who

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Matches Resuming

The regular matches will start back with the rimfire match on the first Saturday in June, that will be June 6 2020, followed by the Action shoot the next Saturday and as scheduled after that.

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Passing of member.

To all members and friends of Riverside Gun Club:

Last Saturday we lost our friend Shawn Gann. Shawn was a great competitor, he was a professional motorcycle racer and a winner of many shooting matches. He often shot matches with … Read the rest

May RGC Match Updates

To all members and competitors of Riverside Gun Club, The range is still open to all members as usual. However, the matches are still on hold. Even though Governor Cooper has started to relax some of the restrictions on the … Read the rest