RGC Rim Fire B/R Scores (06-AUG-2022)

Enclosed our August .22 rim fire match scores. Large group of shooters, with
many in all three classes. Appreciate the help from Wayne and coffee by
Ernie. Congrats go to Blake Gann with 500-47x match class, Cameron Rose with
500-38x … Read the rest

RGC Rim Fire B/R Match (04-JUN-2022)

Another outstanding match at RGC Saturday. Congrats to Danielle Rose, Dale
Hoover and Marc Tolbert for the high scores this month.  Always appreciate
Doug and Wayne for their support and making this match happen. Hope to see
you all in July. … Read the rest

 Rim Fire B/R Scores (7-May-2022)

Here are the latest RGC .22 rim fire match scores. Big group of two full
relays. Outstanding help from Doug and Wayne.  Good coffee and eats by
Ernie. Congrats to Blake Gann in match class,  David Gusler in vintage and… Read the rest

RGC Rim Fire Match Results (02-APR-2022)

Hello everyone,
Saturday was another beautiful day at Riverside Gun Club. Almost two full
relays, many visitors plus Ernie’s good coffee and dounuts. Match went
smooth with very good scores, but our “Coop Gremlin” brought a couple train
wrecks. Appreciate … Read the rest

RGC Rim Fire B/R Match (5-MAR-2022)

Beautiful Spring like day at the Coop. Large group of shooter plus friends.
Congrats to Larry Barrow in Match with 500-43x; Mark Shropshire in Vintage
with 500-31x and Megan Ingold in Factory with 500-27x. Lots of close scores.
Big THANK … Read the rest