Action Match Results (10-Mar-2018)

Good weather day at the range with five contestants in both the Level 1 & Level 2 groups starting out with a table full of always unpredictable bowling pins.
Stage 2 was a massive set-up provided by John Kiwacka with
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Upcoming Action Shoot. (10-MAR-2018)

Time to get prepared for another fun day at the RGC outdoor range. We will hope to have four stages with most or all requiring the use of both guns. John Kiwacka will have a challenging, high round-count event using … Read the rest

Rim Fire Match Results (02-MAR-18)

Windy match day Saturday. All went well inside the “Coop” . Had one relay, with good help from Doug. Warm stove and fun day shooting. Big thanks to everyone who competed and help make our club match work. Looking forward … Read the rest