Center Fire Bench Rest Match (21-OCT-2017)

Enclosed our latest October center fire bench rest scores. No one shot any “9’s” and we had two different tie scores. Congrats to our winner Dale Avery with 500-46x, just a gnat’s breath ahead of Walter Odell’s 500-45x.  Appreciate everyone … Read the rest

Action Match Results (14-Oct-2017)

Beautiful outdoor range, great weather, eight Level 1 shooters and five Level 2’s made for a good day of shooting with friends.

Were only able to get in three stages today due to time constraints but I think everyone got … Read the rest

Rim Fire Bench Rest Match (7-OCT-2017)

Riverside Gun Club .22 Rim Fire Bench Rest Match
7 October 2017

Our October match participation was GREAT! Big Thanks to everyone who joined us and our outstanding helpers Michael Teague and Doug Armstrong. Fun day at the Coop. Congrats … Read the rest