Center Fire B/R Match (21-SEP-2019)

Here are our latest center fire bench rest scores. We have close scores and
ties, this reflects the level of competition at the Coop. Big Thanks to Doug
and Wayne who made this match happen. We appreciate everyone’s support for … Read the rest

RGC Action Match Results (14-SEP-2019)

Another fun day at the range with nine Level 1 & five Level 2 shooters showing up. Ran four stages with one being a  rifle/only medium range accuracy deal while the remaining three stages required both guns at multiple paper … Read the rest

RGC Action Shoot Results (10-AUG-2019)

Great day at the range with seventeen shooters consisting of ten Level 1s and seven Level 2s. Some pretty amazing talent was on tap from both groups, especially the Level 1 crowd who competed at a higher than usual level … Read the rest