Action Shoot Match Results (13-Oct-2018)

Light turnout but enough to have official scores in both groups and the weather was near perfect.
Three all-steel stages with the fourth including some going-away clay targets. Pretty even match usage of the two types of firearms with short … Read the rest

Rim Fire Bench Rest Match Results (06-OCT-2018)

Riverside Gun Club .22 Rim Fire Bench Rest Match
6 October 2018

Match Rifle
Blake Gann                      250-18 250-19 250-21 250-19 = 1000-77x Winner
Mark Shropshire            250-16 250-18 250-19 250-17 = 1000-70x
Danielle Rose                  250-19 250-9 250-17 250-19 = 1000-64x
Dale … Read the rest

Upcoming Action Shoot (13-OCT-2018)

Hoping the weather will be great for this Saturday’s match. We’ll plan four stages; bring dependable pistol & shotgun, extra mags. & pouches for spare ammo, eye/ear protection, 100 rounds pistol ammo and 50 rounds for the shotgun. Shot shells
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