RCG Action Match Results (10-JUL-2021)

Good turnout with seven Level 1s and four Level 2 shooters. Thanks to some quick thinking on Jerry’s part we were able to come up with four stages featuring targets ranging from silhouettes and the revolving star down to the … Read the rest

Upcoming Action Match (08-MAY-21)

Starts at 9:30
Fee: $20
You need eye & ear protection, 100 rds ammo, holster, three mags and pouches
Centerfire or .22 LR guns welcome. Some .22 ammo avail. for purchase for match only.
Good day to bring a new … Read the rest

RGC Action Match Results (10-APR-2021)

Fun day for ten shooters with acceptable weather and a good variety of pretty easy to set up stages. Thanks to all for your participation today and for displaying a high level of cooperation and sportsmanship. Special thanks to John … Read the rest