Upcoming Action Match (08-MAY-21)

Starts at 9:30
Fee: $20
You need eye & ear protection, 100 rds ammo, holster, three mags and pouches
Centerfire or .22 LR guns welcome. Some .22 ammo avail. for purchase for match only.
Good day to bring a new … Read the rest

RGC Rim Fire B/R Match Results (01-MAY-21)

Our Saturday match was lighter than normal, but still had about one full
relay. Perfect temperature, close scores and outstanding shooting. Wayne was
greatly appreciated for running the line and helping pull targets. Congrats
to Danielle Rose for winning match … Read the rest

RGC Action Match Results (10-APR-2021)

Fun day for ten shooters with acceptable weather and a good variety of pretty easy to set up stages. Thanks to all for your participation today and for displaying a high level of cooperation and sportsmanship. Special thanks to John … Read the rest

RGC Rim Fire B/R Scores (03-APR-2021)

Here are our April .22 rim fire match scores. Great group, with close
scores. Congrats to Larry Barrow and Dale Hoover for earning top scores.
Appreciate everyone who supports our match and hope to see you all next
Thank … Read the rest

Girls and Guns

This Saturday, March 27, a ladies group of shooters and second amendment supporters will be 

using the range for a ladies only shooting event from 9:00 to 11:00 am. If anyone plans to go to the range this Saturday please … Read the rest