RGC Center Fire B/R Match (20-Nov-2021)

Enclosed our November Center Fire Bench Rest scores. First time we fired up
our stove in awhile. Some tight scores and a couple no so good. We
appreciate everyone who competed and support Riverside Gun Club.  Hope you
all have … Read the rest

RGC Center Fire B/R Match (16-OCT-2021)

Enclosed our October center fire bench rest scores. Congrats to Terry Holladay for shooting a perfect 6mm score of 300-30x and Walter Odell for getting 300-29x in .30 class. Great shooting by all. We had a beautiful day at the … Read the rest

RGC .22 Rim Fire B/R Match (04-SEP-21)

Enclosed our September scores. Congrats to Dale Avery, Cameron Rose and Terry Ingold for having high scores in their classes. Big Thank you to Wayne and Doug who made everything work. We appreciate everyone for their support and hope to Read the rest