RGC Action Match Results (11-JUL-2020)

Light turnout (90 degree weather?) of 11 shooters, six Level 1s and five Level 2s, with four stages presented by Jerry, John and Dick and giving emphasis to rifle skills today. Paper silhouettes, steel silhouettes, zombie heads and the “Mover” gave a good variety of target choices at distances from close range  up to about 50 yds.

Level 1: David Kiwacka(1st), Emily Haynes(2nd), Bob Beaver(3rd), Dennis Jennings(4th)

Level 2: Billy Haynes(1st), Jeff Lewis(2nd), John Kiwacka(3rd), Jerry Lock(4th)

Next month, Aug. 8th,  will be a Pistol/Only match. Bring plenty of ammo and at least three(3) magazines for your pistol. We’ll have the “Mover” on hand, weather permitting, and three more stages with whatever your three match directors can dream up before match day. Good day to bring a new shooter to get them started in competition shooting! Just be sure they know the rules of safe gun handling and are familiar with their choice of handgun and it’s operation.

Till then, stay safe and healthy and enjoy your practice sessions.