Action Match Results (8-JUL-2017)

Another great match at RGC with some of our old buddies Thomas Bowser, Dwayne Miller and Boyce Lomax making it a special day by joining us. Thanks to Bob Beaver & Mickey Harwell for providing a beautiful range to compete on, Jerry Lock for always keeping me and the records straight and many thanks to John & Kathy Kiwacka for setting up a challenging second stage with a shooter’s nightmare of steel plates….lots of shooting fun.

As promised, this was “Ringing Steel” day with plates and silhouettes, no target pasting, some movement through the barrels, long & close range scenarios and a little one-hand shooting. Most of us went through about 80-100 rounds of ammo before we finished up our four stages in close to record time. Just a great day to be an American enjoying our favorite sport!TODAY’S WINNERS & TOTAL ELAPSED TIMES:

Level 1…
Dave Krupp, Jr.(304.97)
Gerald Lambert(324.60)
Jerry Lock(341.85)
Danny Coggin(343.17)
Kathy Kiwacka(367.10)
Dennis Jennings(419.82)
Bob Beaver(429.38)
Thomas Bowser(441.58)

Level 2…
Boyce Lomax(224.48)
Dick Williams & Glockzilla(266.09),
John Kiwacka(280.49)
Dwayne Miller(258.68/DNF stage #4)

Next month, Aug. 12th, will be a Shotgun/Pistol day & I’ll send you a match prep note shortly…give me any ideas of something you’d like to see. I have one possibility…did you ever see Tom Knapp throw up a handful of clays & bust ’em with his own shotgun?

Just thinkin’…..