Action Pistol Match Results for (13-MAR-2021)

Had three Level 1 and six Level 2 shooters competing today. Thanks to John And Jerry for coming up with two stages and special thanks to John for bringing examples of air-soft rifle and pistol guns for us to examine and test shoot. These are made to have the same weight and overall characteristics of actual firearms but use gas(CO2, propane or other commercial types) for propellant to send plastic spheres out the muzzle with about the same or maybe higher velocity as our faithful old BB guns. The difference being that the plastic ammo is very light and loses it energy much quicker, making it safer to use in settled areas..even indoors. The full auto rifle lookalike was especially addictive. Thanks again John..good stuff.

Jerry…bless your heart for keeping scores for us today! Keeping up with the rimfire/centerfire complicates life but we all appreciate your efforts.

We also presented our 2020 year end cash awards and trophies to the following shooters:

Level 1..(1st) Mitch Stirewalt, (2nd) Emily Haynes, (3rd) Bob Beaver, (4th) Scott Stiles
Level 2..(1st) Billy Haynes, (2nd) Jeff Lewis, (3rd) Boyce Lomax, (4th) John Kiwacka
Most Improved..Emily Haynes

Thanks to all of you shooters who competed last year under very difficult times and gave it your best.

TODAY’S WINNERS with a warm welcome to Mitch who enters the Level 2 ranks:
Level 1..(1st) Dennis Jennings, (2nd) Bob Beaver, (3rd) Emily Haynes
Level 2: (1st) Jeff Lewis, (2nd) Billy Haynes, (3rd) Dick Williams, (4th) Mitch Stirewalt

NEXT MATCH on April 10th will be a Rifle/Pistol combo. Please note the following:
1-Match begins at 9:30
2-Centerfire and .22 rimfire allowed with scoring adjustments as needed.
3-Match fee returns to the $20.00 normal
4-Some .22 ammo available for sale for match use only(see Bob Beaver)
5-Bring 100rds ammo for each firearm
6-Bring mag pouches capable of holding two mags for each gun and bring three mags for each gun
Help RGC keep our matches going during these ammo shortage tough times…hang in there, better days are acomin’…

Looking forward to shooting with you again