Action Shoot Match Results (11-AUG-2018)

    Another outstanding day at the RGC outdoor range with 15 shooters competing. Good to see Trent Bowers show up today after a long absence and especially good to have two new shooters, Erica Barney and Jake Lewis, joining in today’s games.
    As predicted we had four stages put on by John Kiwacka, Jerry Lock and I and we managed to keep things rolling smoothly along with the help of our contestants. Lots of steel and close-range speed work. I was impressed with the one-handed shooting skills of many of our shooters in both the Level 1 & Level 2  groups. Way to go on that homework guys!
Level 1..
    Jerry Lock(7)
    Jake Lewis(12)
    Trent Bowers(13)
    Scott Stiles(14)
Level 2..
    Joe Barney(6)
    Dick Williams(9)
    Jeff Lewis(13)
    Gerald Lambert(16)
    Thanks again for the outstanding  sportsmanship on display at the range today by our staff and particularly you contestants, making this one of the more fun events we’ve had this year.
     Next month, Sat. Sept. 8th, will be a rifle/pistol match. More details later. Work on your safe gun-handling skills and weapon transition meanwhile.
Stay safe,