Action Shotgun/Pistol Results for (14-Nov-2020)

   Ten shooters, four events today and the weather was great for a change. Many thanks to John, Jerry, Billy and Paul Connor(did not compete today) for bringing some of their personal equipment to help us have a match with lots of variety. Thanks to all of you for your outstanding assistance in running a safe and efficient match.

   Ammo and primer shortages continue to hamper our ability to accomplish all we would like to do with upcoming matches so your help with ideas for future events are more than welcome.

Level 1: Mitch Stirewalt(4), Emily Haynes(11), Bob Beaver(12), Scott Stiles(13)
Level 2: Billy Haynes(4), Jeff Lewis(9), Dick Williams(11), Boyce Lomax(18)

   NEXT MONTH(Dec. 12), will be a Pistol/Only match with as much variety as we can squeeze into a four-event fun day at the RGC outdoor range. By the way, a big “Thank You” to our club leaders and all those who help to provide us with such a well kept range to for enjoying our games.

   Stay safe in all things but enjoy every day….we’re looking forward to seeing you at RGC in Dec.

Happy Thanksgiving!