Info On Upcoming Action Match (13-AUG-2022)

Time to get ready for this Saturday’s pistol/only competition and the weather looks quite favorable at the present time.

You need to spend time before match day working on longer distance shooting, move and shoot scenarios and someone handed drills would be wise to practice as well. What about using your carry gun for the whole match if you haven’t done that lately?

Bring 100 rds ammo, 3 mags, holster, mag holders and eye/ear protection.

Can’t wait till match day….shooting starts at 9:30…


Billy has a new stage coming up. Please bring the following additional equipment to the match.

  1. Your normal carry gun. (The stage will take 10 rounds, bring extra mag or speed loader if needed.)
  2. Carry holster
  3. Cover Garmit.

If you dont have a carry gun/holster, please make sure to bring a cover garment at a minimum. We will be drawing from concealment.

Watch for addtional info as it becomes available.