NEW: Action 22LR Rimfire Match (29-FEB-2020)

On February 29 at 9am RGC will be hosting a New Action 22LR Rimfire Match.

This will be similar to our monthly action match but with 22LR.

-PISTOL: Any 10 round mag feed 22LR pistol will be fine.
-RIFLE: Any 22LR rifle will work like Ruger 10-22’s to any AR platform 22LR.
-MAGS: Try to bring at least 2 x 10 round pistol mags. Prefer (3-4 mags)
Try to bring at least 3 x 10 round rifle mags or 2 x 25 round rifle mags.

*** Notes On Mags: We want everyone to come and have fun. If you have extra mags, bring-em. We will decide final round count based on equipment people bring. Many of us may have extra mags we are willing to share (and some even share pistol/rifle)

FEES: $10 entry fee per person (this will not count for the end of year trophy’s or pay out).

1st: Winner will receive match fee back.
2nd: Winner will receive box of 22 ammo.

If we have a lot of youth under the age 16 we may break into 2 levels.

We look forward to a “FUN and SAFE” shoot! Bring your friends along!

If you have any questions please contact James Therrell ( 704-305-9514