RCG Action Match Results (10-JUL-2021)

Good turnout with seven Level 1s and four Level 2 shooters. Thanks to some quick thinking on Jerry’s part we were able to come up with four stages featuring targets ranging from silhouettes and the revolving star down to the man/man swinging charcoal event. Very much a day of variety and good fellowship at the range. Enjoyed having some new faces competing in the Level 1 group…hope to see you back soon.

Level 1: Jacob Lewis(6), Bob Beaver(10), Scott Stiles(11), Dennis Jennings(15)
Level 2: Jeff Lewis(6), Billy Haynes(7), Dick Williams(12), Jerry Lock(15)

Next month, August 14, will be a Pistol/Shotgun event. You will need to bring the following ammo:
75 rounds minimum pistol
25 rounds minimum shotgun in #7 1/2 or #8 shot only.

We are allowing rimfire and centerfire to compete together and will do so until the ammo and reloading supplies get back to whatever the “new normal” turns out to be. We are working on the scoring issue between the cf and rf shooters so bear with us as we revisit that issue. Your input is more than welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you next month!