RGC Action Match Results (11-DEC-2021)

Final match of the year that almost didn’t happen turned out to be a pretty fun day for those who came to play. Seven shooters today, four events and finishing up our games before 1:00.

Thanks to all shooters for your sportsmanship and help in running the show and wishing a speedy recovery to John Kiwacka as he recovers from a “hopefully mild” injury that kept him from  making the scene today. Also wishing a speedy recovery to Jeff Lewis who is recovering from shoulder issues but nonetheless came out to cheer on the team today and hopefully will be returning to the lineup soon. Last but not least, a big ole “THANK YOU” to Bob Beaver and Doug Armstrong for taking the time to bring out the leaf blowers and clearing the range to make our fun time safer and brass reclaiming easier.

Level 1..1st-Emily Haynes, 2nd-Bob Beaver, 3rd- Dennis Jennings,
Level 2..1st- Billy Haynes, 2nd-Mitch Stirewalt, 3rd-Jerry Lock, 4th-Dick Williams

Next month will be a Pistol/Only match day.

Ammo is becoming more plentiful and somewhat more reasonable in price so we may see a return to our  centerfire/only format shortly. For now we will most likely go another month or two with cf and rf shooting together. I’ll be getting together with Jerry and John to formalize that issue. Let me hear from you on this as well as any other matters you would like to address concerning the future of our action matches.

Be sure to check our www.riversidegunclub.org website for updates.

Enjoy your time with your families and Merry Christmas to all.