RGC Action Match Results (11-JUNE-2022)

With early week weather forecasts calling for rain it looked like it was going to be a toss up on between canceling the match or shoot as scheduled. Late week forecasts showed that we may have had a chance of showers around noon but otherwise a dry day. It turned out to be almost perfect weather for a match, no rain or showers. We were able to setup almost complete stages for all four events before 9:30 so there was very little delay between stages. We had eight shooters, four in Level 1 and four in Level 2.

The results for Level 1 are: 1st Place- Emily Haynes; 2nd Place – Bob Beaver; 3rd Place – Scott Styles; 4th Place – Dennis Jennings.

The results for Level 2 are: 1st-Place – Billy Haynes; 2nd Place – Jeff Lewis; 3rd Place – Mitch Stirewalt; 4th Place – Jerry Lock.

Thanks to Billy Haynes for designing and setting up two stages. And to all the shooters who assisted with the timing and resetting or each stage allowing us to complete all four stages by noon. Great job everyone.

Next month will be “PISTOL ONLY” and Dick Williams will be back from his well deserved vacation

Thanks again to everyone who participated today and all your help. See you on July 9th.

Jerry Lock