RGC Action Match Results (14-AUG-2021)

Quite a warm day at the range with 10 shooters; 5 in each level. Great to have three young shooters Jacob, Matthew and Joseph with us and hoping they will make our matches a habit!

Shot four stages with as promised, a good variety of steel, paper and flying targets. Much thanks to John and Jerry for their stages and great effort at keeping things moving. Special thanks to the competitors for their cooperation in setting up and taking down stages and especially for maintaining a high level of safety along with a friendly, competitive spirit throughout the day. Great job..you clay target slingers!

Today’s winners:
LEVEL 1..Jacob Lewis(4), Matthew Lewis(10), Bob Beaver(12), Joseph Stiles(14)
LEVEL 2..Jeff Lewis(4), Mitch Stirewalt(11), John Kiwacka(13), Dick Williams(14)

Next month, Sept. 11, will be a Pistol/only match. This may be one of the last times that centerfire and rimfire pistols will compete on an equal scale for the year as we hopefully begin to see the return of “reasonably” priced 9mm ammo. Some guys mentioned having good results with steel cased ammo which is typically cheaper than the brass cased counterpart. Now if primers of all varieties will start showing up we can smile once again.

Got something you’d like to see in next month’s match? Let me know and we’ll try to work it in..expect to see the wounded MOVER back on the range soon!

Stay safe and enjoy life!