RGC Action Match Results (9-JUL-2022)

Thanks to all of you for coming out today. Special thanks to Jerry and Billy for their challenging and unique stages as well as everyone else for your help in running and scoring the match. Nice to have Wayne Broome and Charles Boolba return after a lengthy absence.

Today’s match was a pistol/only affair with some very good shooting by most everyone. The winners are:
Level 1–Charles Boolba(8), Bob Beaver(10), Emily Haynes(11), Wayne Broome(11)
Level 2–Jeff Lewis(7), Mitch Stirewalt(8), Billy Haynes(9), Dick Williams(17)

Look how close the finishing scores are for most of the shooters with Emily taking 3rd in her class by being just a bit faster to break the tie with Wayne. It should also be noted that Charles won his spot with a  .38 Special revolver ( a well-used S&W model 10 I think). Revolver shooters of America…hold your heads up high…there’s still room for you on the Action Shooting bandwagon…at least here at RGC!  And…Sweet Old Bob came in second with his ancient 1911….this after spending the morning weed-eating and having to wash all the grass and mud off with a jug of water and some paper towels! What a special guy!

Come join us next month, August 13th, for another exciting Pistol/Only match. Be sure to bring eye/ear protection, 3 mags or speed loaders, 100 rounds of ammo and carriers for your pistol and ammo. We prefer centerfire handguns but if rimfire is what you “need” to shoot then bring it on. Just come join us!

Be  sure to check the RGC website the week of our next match for possible important updates.

Stay safe,