RGC Action Match Results for (09-DEC-2023)

What a great way to end our 2023 Action Shooting year with nice weather and ammo that is getting a little more available and more reasonably priced. Good shooting today and smooth sailing for all four match stages.

Our winners are:
Level 1: Emily Haynes(7), Wentian He(8), Bill Houck(14-296.29),
                Bob Beaver(14-330.24)
Level 2: Billy Haynes(6), Jeff Lewis(8), Mitch Stirewalt(10), Dick Williams(17)

I want to thank all of you for supporting our Action matches and our club this past year…especially Jerry, Billy and Bob. These folks make every effort to put on great events and go out of their way to advance our games, our sport and RGC in general. No one could be more diligent and self sacrificing in time and energy and yes, monetarily for all the little things like targets, building materials, gas and tools that are not being reimbursed. Thank you guys and others like Wayne Broome, Doug Armstrong, Mickey Harwell and of course, sweet ole Bob who work behind the scenes mowing, weeding, keeping the bills paid and  repairing everything that needs it.

As a way of showing the club’s appreciation we’ll be having a year-end get together in late January with trophies, prizes and a great dinner for all. We’ll get the details out as they become available.

 Again, thanks for being so supportive and cooperative in the way you help us run our Action matches. It’s a true honor to know, compete and work with all of you. Enjoy the holidays and see you at the Pistol/Only match on January 13, 2024!

Merry Christmas and the best toyou and your family!