RGC Action Match Results for (11-SEPT-2021)

Thank you all for coming out to compete today and hoping you had a good day at the range. Good to see some new folks with obvious shooting experience and we hope you liked our games enough to come back and keep us on our toes. Thanks to everyone for your help in running and scoring the stages.

Level 1-Duncan Miller(7), Daniel Holder(11), Jacob Lewis(13), Bill Houck(14)
Level 2-Jeff Lewis(6), James Therrell(10), Mitch Stirewalt(11), Dick Williams(16)

*** Take note to requirements below for next month’s match ****

     Next month will be a Rifle/Pistol combo day with a bit of a twist….we will allow centerfire or rimfire handguns and rifles of your choice but rifles will be limited to magazine feed only in the following calibers: .22 RF, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP. We will have some rifles available for you to borrow if you don’t own a suitable one for this competition but bring your own extra .22 or 9mm factory ammo. Might be a good way to see if you’d like to invest in another firearm for future use!

     See you in October