RGC Action Pistol Match Results (08-JAN-22)

A cold day today as expected but still another fun day at the range. We had a good turn out of shooters(9) compared to some of the recent matches and also a good variety of paper, clay and “The Mover” targets. Thanks to all for your help on setting up and running the stages…particularly in getting the moving target operational again! Special thanks to Jerry Lock and Billy Haynes for their stage scenarios, score keeping and help serving as RSOs when needed.

Next month, Sat. Feb.12th beginning at 9:30, will be another pistol only match with your choice of c/f or r/f handguns.

Today’s Winners:
Level 1..Scott Stiles(7), Joseph Stiles(9), Bob Beaver(9), Dennis Jennings(15)

Level 2..Jeff Lewis(6), Billy Haynes(7), Mitch Stirewalt(15), Dick Williams(16)

 Next month would be a good time to introduce a new shooter to the game, especially since we’re still allowing rimfire, attendance is moderate and there’s more time available  for our “seasoned” shooters to steer the newby in the right direction for competition.

Looking forward to seeing you then!