RGC Action Pistol Match Results (08-May-2021)

 A few days ago we were at the RGC gun range with great weather, plenty of gas for travel (even if the prices are going up every day it seems) and the world was fairly peaceful. Just eight happy little shooters enjoying a day of “friendly” competition. Boy, how things have changed in four days as we watch the Middle East heat up again. Wonder why all this is happening….who whoulda thought? Maybe we all ought to follow SOB’s (that’s sweet old Bob) lead and start writing Washington to see if they have any ideas on fixing some of this “stuff” and maybe make a few suggestions of our own.

Well, we had a roaring good time this past Saturday with some good shootin’ goin’ on. Four stages with lots of variety and lots of help from everyone made things go as smoothly as possible except for the lack of Jerry’s score keeping expertise, but John and I struggled through that too. Thanks for everything guys.

Level 1…Paul Connor(4), Bob Beaver(9), Dennis Jennings(11), Calvin Sams(14)

Level 2…Jeff Lewis(6), John Kiwacka(9), Mitch Stirewalt(12), Dick Williams(13)

Next month will be a Rifle/Pistol match but several stages will be limited to pistol caliber or rimfire/only since we will be shooting steel at fairly close range. There will be one “safe-target” stage which will permit turning loose your favorite rifle caliber if you want to bring it in order to stay competition/ready. Otherwise use your pistol caliber or rimfire on that stage as well. Looking forward to June 12th as I know you are.

Stay safe!