RGC Action Pistol Match Results (13-NOV-2021)

Beautiful day for a match at the RGC outdoor range but COVID, ammo shortage and the start of deer season limited our turnout to six shooters…the lowest I remember in a long while. Still a very rewarding day to shoot with friends and enjoy the fellowship. Hoping John Kiwacka has recovered from his stomach upset and thanks to all of todays’s shooters for their help in running the events.

Level 1 > Jerry Lock(7-257.25 secs), Dennis Jennings(7-274.56 secs.), Bob Beaver(10)

Level 2> Jeff Lewis(5), Mitch Stirewalt(8), Dick Williams(11)

Next month, Dec. 11th, will be a rifle/pistol day and we’re open for suggestions on what you would like to see. Right now we are thinking probably just pistol cartridge or rimfire for both guns but if you want to bring your .223 or bigger hardware I’ll be having at least one or two stages that would allow turning them loose. You’ll still  need a pistol caliber or rimfire carbine for the close range steel stages.

Stay safe and enjoy the holiday season!