RGC Action Shoot Match Results. (08-JUN-2019)

What was feared to be a disastrous rainy day mess turned out to be one of the most rewarding matches we’ve had in awhile. Thanks to Jerry, John and all our shooters who braved the weather, which ended up being nearly perfect, and helped to make it a memorable day at the RGC outdoor range. Lots of ammo expended on a good variety of steel targets and we even managed to get in five events instead of the usual four and had a “Braggin’ Rights” unofficial contest to boot! That one was won by James Therrell by the way.


Level 1
James Therrell(7)
Brian Kurzel(10)
Bob Beaver(16)
Emily Haynes(17)

Level 2
Jeff Lewis(11)
Brian Davis(13)
Dick Williams(15)
Billy Haynes(18)

Next month we will have our only 3-Gun match of the year. This is one quick way for you to get in your year-end trophy/prize requirement of having competed with all three guns during the course of our 2019 season. We will do our best to make the July 13th match with all three guns run as smooth, exciting, challenging and fun as possible. Your stage set-up ideas are always welcome, so if you have a fast and fancy game you think we’d be interested in, let us hear about it.

See you next month!