RGC Action Shoot Match Results (13-APR-2019)

Any day at the range is a good day even if it means getting soaking wet. Thanks to John & Jerry for their stages and for the rest of the competitors who stuck it out..weather-be-danged! Hopefully the rest of this year’s matches will be a more favorable for people and guns.
Today’s winners:
LEVEL 1…James Therrell(5), Bob Beaver(11), Paul Connor(14), Emily Haynes(15)

LEVEL 2…Billy Haynes(9), John Kiwacka(13-242.57), Dick Williams(13-268.22),
Gerald Lambert(13-333.21). Tie break 2nd thru 4th places decided by total elapsed time.

Next month will be a pistol/only match with as much variety as your directors can improvise. Hope to see you at RGC on Sat. May 11th.

Stay safe!