RGC Action Shooting Match Results (13-JUN-2020)

Finally, a great return to Action Shooting at RGC and finally, a beautiful day to do it! Fifteen shooters today but unfortunately John Kiwacka had to drop out due to sore shoulder issues but hopefully he’ll be all healed up by next month. Meanwhile a big thank you to John for coming up with three of the four stages today and as always, he gave it a full effort with many, many steel targets to contend with. Thanks to Jerry Lock for keeping the scoring straight and to all the competitors for helping with necessary match-running duties.

Today’s winners:

Level 1>> 1st-Mitch Stirewalt(6), 2nd-Emily Haynes(11), 3rd-Jared Russell(13), 4th-Dennis Jennings(15)

Level 2>> 1st-Billy Haynes(4), 2nd-Boyce Lomax(9), 3rd-Jeff Lewis(12), 4th-Jerry Lock(17)

Next month, July 11, will be a rifle/pistol match. Bring three mags for each firearm and lots of ammo. Looking forward to seeing you then and as always we will do everything we can to give you a good, safe, fun match day and hopefully some sunshine once again. We need that…