RGC Center Fire Match Results (20-JAN-2024)

We had a cold Saturday morning for our January 2024 center fire bench rest match. Doug got stove hot and things were not too cold inside. We had some hardy shooters come to the match. All went well with Doug and Wayne running the line. Finished around noon with congrats to Terry Leach for making first place, but we have Dale Avery close behind. Hope everyone stays safe and hope to see you all soon. 

Reminder, be sure to come to the Members and Awards Banquet, next Saturday at 4:00 pm. After the awards we will have the BBQ dinner starting at 5pm. It will be at the same place as last year, at the Woodmen of the World events building in Denton behind the ball field on Hi Way #47 (also known as Bombay rd). It is open to all members and competitors. So if you are a member or shot at the range in an event you are invited. We need RSVPs to make sure we have the right amount of food. RSVP by hitting reply or email me at wbroome@embarqmail.com, or text to 336-302-0411. And if you forget all that, well, come anyway. 

Hope to see you all come,


Riverside Gun Club Center Fire Bench Rest Match
20 January 2024

6 mm Match Rifle
Terry Leach		        50-5		100-10	100-8	=	250-23x Winner
Thomas Arrington	50-3		100-6	100-9	=	250-18x
Chip Graham		50-5		100-9	94-8		=	244-22x

.30 Match Rifle
Terry Leach		        50-5		100-10	100-9	=	250-24x Winner
Dale Avery		        50-5		100-9	100-9	=	250-23x
David Conder		50-5		100-9	100-8	=	250-22x
Jim Thomas		        50-5		100-7	100-9	=	250-21x
Thomas Arrington	50-4		100-8	100-7	=	250-19x
Bill King			        50-4		100-5	100-9	=	250-18x

High Agg Scores
Terry Leach		      500-47x	Winner
Thomas Arrington     500-37x