Upcoming Action Shoot (13-MAY-2017)

   Time to get ready for our next RGC Action event and it promises to be a good one.  Jerry & Billy graciously volunteered to run the entire show this month so for a change I’ll be the back-up man. We plan to make use of the pistol pit to keep things moving rapidly with less “down-time”.
    Just to give you a little advance warning, here’s a few things on the agenda: shooting dominant hand/only, support hand/only & of course, both hands–all in the same event. You’ll have lots of steel, a man/man event, some paper & a few zombies & otherwise bad guys to work on. You’ll even get to do a little baby sitting.
    For this match, bring all the usual eye/ear protection, 3-4 magazines, holster & mag pouches. Try to practice some speed loading on the move as well as precision shooting with either hand. Two things….**bring extra ammo-maybe 150 rounds this time and those extra mags I mentioned . **Also, if you “think” you will be attending, please let me know.  No harm done if something comes up & you can’t make the match but we’ll have some idea how to set up the various stages. Friend or neighbor surprises you & wants to shoot? Great! Just make sure he/she knows how to handle the equipment safely & bring them along!
    This will be a fun match…looking forward to enjoying it with you!