Upcoming Event: Riverside Gun Club Historical Military Rifle Match (28-Oct-2017)

Riverside Gun Club Historical Military Rifle Match
28 October 2017 – 0900 hrs.

Historical military shoot, is designed for original military rifles. RGC is offering the opportunity to compete veteran firearms against each other. Barrels, triggers, sights & stock must be service grade. No bedding or special parts allowed. (Original Scoped Rifles, may be used)

Three classes of rack grade military rifles: plus
1. Civil War – Thru World War I
2. World War II thru Korea era.
3. Vietnam to 2000 (no flat tops or match rifles)

May use more than one rifle, ideally to have them fill one of the above classes. Example: using a (German K98 Mauser and Soviet SVT 40 semi auto), both would cover #2 WW II class. If firearms fall into different classes, they be grouped higher. Example (M1 rifle and AR 15), would be placed into #3 Vietnam class.

First event – Using 10” round target at 100 yards. 30 rounds course of fire. 10 rounds prone, sitting and offhand. Time limit is three minutes per position. All hits on steel, will count for score.

Second event – Team event. Using painted clay targets placed along berm. In 30 round course of fire. Start at 100 yards from standing. At command go prone and fire ten rounds in one minute.
Repeat this format at 75 yard line sitting and 50 yard line standing.
Score based on how many clay targets left standing.

Third event – Sniper. Using painted four inch steel targets. Team event with period binocular or original scope optics. Select spotter and shooter; they have three rounds to acquire and hit designated color targets. May shoot off ammo can, helmet, pack or rolled blanket from prone position. No bench rest type stands or spotting scopes.

Fourth event – Two team mano y mano. This event is at 100 yard line, using painted steel silhouette target. Unlimited time and ammo. Winner drops their target first!

Shooters who do not feel comfortable in the prone; may request using the sitting position.

Must have three shooters per class, to award trophy.