Action Match Results (13-May-2017)

A little different today in that the whole match was planned and executed by Jerry Lock & Billy Haynes and I personally thank both of them for doing such a fine job. All 13 shooters competing had a great time with lots of variety and a pretty high round count.

We started with Jerry taking the Level 1 shooters to the pit where they had two runs at a row of steel plates for a combined time and then they were treated to a double-elimination man/man shoot with Jerry’s dueling tree.

Meanwhile, Billy had the Level 2’s up on the main range where they shot with support, dominant and two hand stances at a bullseye target. A 10 second time limit to fire six rounds at distances ranging from about 7 yds out to 28 yds helped to raise the difficulty level substantially.

Next the Level 2’s had a “Zombie/Walking Dead” stage with some stationary and pop-up zombies and stiff penalties for leaving poor Baby Judith in harm’s way.

Then the Level 1’s & 2’s switched playing fields and finished out all their remaining stages. I would point out that we had lots of shooting and good competition while still vacating the ranges around 12:30pm, thanks to the good planning of Jerry & Billy.

Level 1–1st Gerald Lambert; 2nd Danny Coggin; 3rd Jerry Lock; 4th Dennis Jennings

Level 2–1st Billy Haynes, Jr; 2nd Jeff Lewis; 3rd Dick Williams; 4th John Kiwacka

NEXT MONTH, June 10th will be a 3-Gun Match. More details later.
Thanks to all of you for pitching in with your help and for staying safe during our match.