Upcoming Military Rifle Match

Riverside Gun Club Military Rifle Match

24 June 2017 – 0900 hrs.

Three classes of open sight military rifles:

  1. World War I up to pre WW 2 era.
  2. World War II thru Korea era.
  3. Vietnam to 2000 (no flat tops or match rifles)

First event – Using an SR 1 target at 100 yards.  30 rounds course of fire. 10 rounds prone, sitting and offhand. Time limit is five minutes per position. No sighter period.  

Only hits in 8, 9, and 10 and X ring will count for score.

Second event -Using a B27 target in two or three man teams. 30 round course of fire. Start at 100 yards from standing.  At command go prone and fire ten rounds in one minute.  

At cease fire, stand. Upon command reload ten rounds. Move down range to 75 yard line. Go to sitting with one minute time limit.

At cease fire, stand. Upon command, reload ten rounds. Move to 50 yard line to engage target standing with one minute time limit.

As above with the SR 1 target, only hits in 8, 9, and 10 and X will count for score.

Third event – Sniper vs Sniper.  Using water bottles or clay pigeons.  Some targets behind cover. Team event with period binocular optics. Select spotter and shooter; they have three rounds to acquire and hit designated target. Team starts from behind rail fence with all equipment.  At command, bring equipment to 100 yard line. May shoot off ammo can, helmet, pack or rolled blanket from prone position. No bench rest type stands.

 Fourth event – Two team mano y mano.  This event is at 25 yard line. Using group of cans, bottles, or clay pigeons divided on two sides of a board. Unlimited time and ammo. Winning team beats the other by getting all targets off the board first.  

Must have three shooters per class, to award trophy.