RGC Action Match Results (14-MAY-2022)

Once again we were able to avoid any serious rain and ended up completing four easy to set up and score stages giving us a fast paced match lasting less than three hours. Thanks to Jerry and Billy for their efforts and to all you competitors for making this a smooth, challenging and fun event.

Level 1..Bob Beaver(6), Ricky Pruitt(8), Emily Haynes(10)
Level 2..Billy Haynes(5), Mitch Stirewalt(8), Jeff Lewis(13), Dick Williams(13)

Next month will be a Shotgun/Pistol event so get out that big gun and 25 shells loaded with #7 1/2 or #8 birdshot as well as your favorite rimfire or centerfire handgun. This promises to be a special day to join in with some great folks and have another good time at the RGC outdoor range.