RGC Center Fire B/R Match Results (21-MAY-2022)

Enclosed our May center fire match scores. Had a fun match with good scores.
Outstanding help from Doug and Wayne.  Finished shooting around lunch. 
Congrats to Terry Leach for high score in 6mm class and Jim Thomas for high
score in .30 class. Attendance was low today? We missed folks who could not
come. Hope our June match is better. 


Riverside Gun Club Center Fire Bench Rest Match
21 May 2022

Match Rifle 6mm
Terry Leach 50-5 100-10 100-9 =250-24x Winner
Thomas Arrington 50-4 100-7 100-7 =250-18x
Ken Kiger 47-1 99-1 92-0 =238-2x

Match Rifle .30
Jim Thomas 50-4 100-10 100-8 =250-22x
Thomas Arrington 50-2 100-9 100-8 =250-19x