RGC Center Fire Bench Rest Match (16-JUL-2022)

Enclosed our July match scores. Weather was not too hot, match went smooth.
Finished around noon, had a nice time under the shade trees. Big Thank you
to Wayne who made everything work. Have a safe month and hope to see you all
at the Coop soon.

Bob Beaver

Riverside Gun Club Center Fire Bench Rest Match
16 July 2022

.30 Match Rifle
Jim Thomas        50-4 100-9 100-9 =250-22x Winner
Chip Graham     50-4 100-9 100-6 =250-19x
Dale Avery          50-3 100-8 100-7 =250-18x

6mm Match Rifle
Thomas Arrington   50-5 100-8 100-8 =250-21x Winner
Ken Kiger                  49-2 99-2 99-5 =247-9x
Chip Graham           50-5 93-4 100-5 =243-14x